E 0222
  • Width: 20.00 mm
  • Height: 10.00 mm

Wooden frame E 0222, width 20 mm, height 10 mm. Professionally made wooden frames for paintings, drawings, mirrors, tapestries, pictures, posters, puzzles and everything you have as an idea. Make your choice of our large selection of models and colors of frames made by your dimensions. The special finishing touches, the foil, the use of the patina and the natural beauty of the wood give the shape and color depth and expression. The frame is designed to enhance and accentuate. When framing paintings based on acrylic, oil or watercolor paint, pastels and graphic arts, we conform to the specific illustrative technique. Before putting into a frame, the tapestries are stretched with great precision, as the fabric is fully preserved, which is of significant matter. Photographs, posters, collages, adverts, diplomas and licenses look complete and acquire desired vision. Preserve your works and memories for posterity.