Underpinner А1-М-XL

  • Price: 1896.00 лв.
    1740.00 лв.

The A1-M-XL is the best manual underpinner for joining frames. All components of the machine are of extreme strength, made of high quality steel. It is designed to be used for long and trouble-free operation, as it does not require special maintenance. When pressing the mechanical assembly pedal, the frame is pressed in place and at the same time and the V-nail is pushed to the bottom of the corner. The Underpinner allows multiple nails to be inserted one after the other, depending on the height of the moulding. It has all the necessary functions to work on a professional level and achieve uncompromising results.

A1-M-XL Technical Specifications:

• Moulding Width: 130mm
• Moulding Height: 100mm
• V-nails Sizes: 7mm - 10mm - 15mm
• Dimensions: 380mm x 630mm x 1220mm
• Weight: 55kg

Optional Accessories:

• Head for V-nails: 5mm
• Head for V-nails: 12mm
• Extension tables

Warranty - 12 months